Our Site-Specific Performance Company 


Artistic Director: Kemba Shannon

Meet our site-specific performance company.  We work together to present 'living commercials' for local companies throughout Portland, Oregon.  

Our passion is to keep cultural communication alive in our city by means of performance.  The people of our city are openly invited to attend our performances and to have memorable fun while learning of the intrinsic value of our place on earth; i.e., location, function, the space, the people involved, their stories, etc. 

Emily Bedel

Honora Kobos


Edward Jacobowitz

Allison Morgan

Gina Southern


Helga Fuller

Jessica Hutchins


Erin Thomas


Angela Kremer

Diana Bustos

Max DuBowy

Hector Zaragoza

Jessica Wade

Michael Galen


Gina Daley

Maya Seidel

Martha Pfleeger


"In participating with Bremone's professional performance company, I found my artistic home.  It is a company that shares a passion for theatrical, site-specific, and multidisciplinary story telling.  My time here has brought so much joy to me.  I have been enfolded into a family of inclusiveness."

 - Maya Seidel - Lewis & Clark