It’s more than just dance . . .

Cultural Communication, Performance Leadership, &
The Preservation of Morale

Located in Southwest Portland, Oregon

We are a world class, performance leadership organization located in SW Portland, Oregon. We are here to express the importance of globalization and cultural communication to young people, middle-aged, and mature adults alike. We are here to provide an educational safe-haven where discipline and creativity strike an ideal balance.

Our after-school program offers ‘The Best of Portland’ to teach ages 5 -18 years. We use rhythm, movement, aphorism, history, philosophy, and vocabulary to reach each and every student. There will be no judgment in our classes. We are working to help create genuinely, well-rounded human beings.

We are focused on the acknowledgement of life-long goals, freedom, and long-term happiness. We teach diligence, deliberate action, responsibility, and fun!!!


It's about the people. It's about their philosophy.
It's about continued learning.

-George Thorn of Regional Arts & Culture Council

These people are vibrant. They hold a key. They offer services that extend to a greater depth, which might just be experience, skill, and a clear focus. They are an incredible group of talented people to partner with. We can do much more when we come together and combine creative talent.

-Tiffany Purn of World Pulse

Thank you so much for the wonderful performance event last night! It was so much fun. Starting with the young musicians under the stair acoustical shell / stage to the subway skit on the main stairs.... it was very creative all 5 performances in the studio offered both a humorous and insightful play on the character of the spaces and Opsis studio life. I loved the window dressing movement and stretchy fabric body wraps. I can't believe how much choreography and performance you pulled together in only 2 weeks! Our studio will never be the same again. Thanks for sharing all the positive great energy.  
                                                                                                    - Jim Kalvelage of Opsis Architecture


To enhance the depth of ability of future generations by means of a varied performance education.  We offer long-term opportunities in cultural communication.

"spirit . . .Start, Precision, Strength, Courage, Execution, Power-through, Add your own Flare,share & Finish"

Bremone offers a deeply-rooted and rotating curriculum of culture, choreography, spatial improvisation, music, dance, theatre, and professional presentation.  Bremone Academy believes that every person is intrinsically gifted.  Our school provides a unique level of interaction between its members.  We reflect deeply into each individual's motivation in order to enable the most driven outcome for all parties involved.  We provide our students with the mental and physical skills necessary to entertain themselves throughout time.  

director of energy: Kimberley Allen