Rashad Pridgen

Soul Nubian

Rashad is a performance artist, creative director and choreographer. His works spans dance, theater, film, music video, fashion, and creative project making. He is the conceptual creator of The Global Street Dance Masquerade: a dance performance ceremony that culminates with the creation of full body Afrofuturist masquerade suits. His recent projects include: (model) LEVI's Pride 2019 (performer) Lifted! Rennie Harris Puremovement pdx (guest teacher) Stanford University ITALIC Somatic movement & street dance. (music video) "I Wanna Sing For Them All" Meklit, "Call Your Love" Nataly Dawn and a masquerade appearance in Sol Development’s music video “Helicopters”. His project The Black Lives Masquerade & short film has presented at: Berkeley Fine Arts Museum "Black Life, Duke University: Dance Black Joy 2018, San Francisco Public Library and the Portland Art Museum. Rashad is a facilitator of AfroHouse dance and fitness, returning from a creative residency in Soweto South Africa, Rashad’s current creative inquiry is presenting international residencies exploring the aesthetic relationship between Pan African dance and House dance. 

artist website: https://soulnubian.wixsite.com/soulnubian